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Kumar Sachidanandam

    • I believe, the ingenuity of human mind coupled with the advancement of machine intelligence will profoundly transform the way we do things in the future.
    • I work with individuals, communities, startups and companies in this transformational journey by "Applying Human and Machine Intelligence", offering my support in the areas of leadership, innovation and technology.
    • I invest my time and efforts in founders who are solving problems using technology in advisory capacity.
    • I also spend my spare time supporting community activities in technology & entreprenuership.

Years in Driving Innovation, Incubation and Acceleration.


Years in Strategic Leadership Positions.


Years of Design & Deployment of Control Systems.


Years in Solution Architecture & Product Engineering.


Years of Leadership positions at global locations.


Years in building micro-products using AIoT and web.

Innovation Management 99%
Product Engineering 90%
Change Management 95%


My focus is to help individuals and organizations based on three decades of my work in various spectrum of roles across the globe. I've distilled the essence into a framework called "LIGHTS", with "LIT" being the core of the framework.


I believe essence of success begins with leadership. It’s not the people at the top, but everyone should reflect the leadership traits to be successful.


The seed for long term sustainability is innovation. I help to build the spirit of creativity and innovation both at an individual and organization level.


The enabler of today's business is digital. It is 'the' differentiator and lever for scale. My focus is to make everyone excited about technology.



In this section, you will find my musings on various things in leadership, innovation, technology and a few random observations.

How to judge Startup Pitches?

A lot of entrepreneurship cells and incubation centers are being setup in academic institutions, including the one where I work at Anna University. 

We have to engage the amazing academic talent in these institutions and I see a big challenge. Especially in startup evaluations. 

The primary role of most of …

Startup Perspectives

You have a brilliant idea. You have all the skills to become a co-founder. You have been burning midnight oil building the prototype, You have a product ready.  You have an amazing pitch deck. You have been presenting to investors. 

Sounds familiar?

You haven’t been able to secure users beyond …

What should a cofounder do?

A lot of us (so called startup mentors) can lament what a founder should do and what a cofounder shouldn’t do. 

But, we fail to see each founder is running their own fight and their situation is very unique than others or what we might have gone through. 

Also, what …

Building this website

If you are a structural engineer, you might build the best chassis of a car. 

If you are an engine maker, you might make the best engine to fit into a chassis. 

If you are a designer, you might design an elegant exterior for the car. 

If you are a …

The curse of writing software

The protagonist trying to write a poem only to be dissatisfied, crumple sheets of paper and starting all over again. Have you seen this?

Writing a piece of software is more or less akin to that. Like the language, writing software has its own expressive power, you are never satisfied …



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