Building this website

If you are a structural engineer, you might build the best chassis of a car. 

If you are an engine maker, you might make the best engine to fit into a chassis. 

If you are a designer, you might design an elegant exterior for the car. 

If you are a safety engineer, you might be thinking about Airbags, breaking systems, locking systems, traction control, stability control and adaptive systems etc. 

If you are an interior designer, you might tease it with the right tones, and best upholstery. 

If you are an audiophile, you might fix the best entertainment system and take it for a long dive with your favorite music. 

If you are painter, you might paint, polish and decorate your car with the best decals. 

If you are a driver, you might buy the best car and go for a ride. 

If you are a spectator, you might go for the best race and cheer for your team or driver. 

So, here is my point... no part is inferior or superior to others. You can be good at one or a two things, but, not at everything. It takes time, patience and perseverance to master all of them. 

Building a website, especially dynamic websites, though not as complex as building a car, has many moving parts from front end, back end,  database, web server, gateway, compute, storage and so on. 

The crazy thing is, there are so many technologies, frameworks, languages and platforms to choose from. This is overwhelming at times and a prime reason a lot of folks drop off midway to building their personal websites. 

Then, we have platforms like wix, Wordpress, carrd and many other low code platforms to make this job easy. 

Do you want to go the platform way to get the job done or want to go the hard way to build and learn stuff? 

Buy vs build is always a paradox in any system design. 

I’ve decided to build the hard way, but make it little easy by lifting and leveraging some of the free / paid templates for front-end, while leveraging my strengths on the backend, database, servers and deployment. 

Let’s see where we go from here.

Kumar Sachidanandam

Leadership, Innovation, Technology