Startup Perspectives

You have a brilliant idea. You have all the skills to become a co-founder. You have been burning midnight oil building the prototype, You have a product ready.  You have an amazing pitch deck. You have been presenting to investors. 

Sounds familiar?

You haven’t been able to secure users beyond your friends. You haven’t got a single paying customer for your product. You haven’t been able to raise any capital. 

This too sounds familiar?

This plays out repeatedly with startups I am mentoring including a few of my own.

Now, this is what I call  “true-vs-truth” of starting up. 

We seem to be making all the right moves and noises, yet, far away from the ultimate goal. 

But, how do we see the truth?

The way to find the truth is to focus on building your product on one end and building your business on the other end. You have to execute them parallely and not sequentially. 

Only when you combine both of them, you will realize the ultimate truth, which is the core hypothesis of your startup...

“That you are solving a problem, have capability to build, built a product your customers want to use, pay for it and investors are willing to invest in”

Kumar Sachidanandam

Leadership, Innovation, Technology